Problems when the application develops at medium and large levels

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In this blog post, we examine the intricate challenges encountered in the development of applications at medium and large scales.

Application Issues

From medium to large-scale applications, challenges like architecture maintenance and scalability hinder progress. So, What challenges typically arise as an application scales from medium to large size ?

Lack of common architecture

When it comes to developing applications, one of the persistent challenges developers encounter is the absence of a common, standardized architecture.

  • Maintenance Challenges: With diverse architectural choices, maintaining and updating applications becomes arduous.

  • Code Quality and Readability: Inconsistent architectures often result in code that's hard to follow.

  • Collaboration Hurdles: When each developer follows their preferred architectural pattern, collaboration among team members becomes cumbersome.

Weakness structure

  • Code Reusability: Without predefined patterns or modules, developers often face hurdles when attempting to reuse code across different sections of the application.

  • Non-standard Type Validation: Avoid conducting validation prior to storing data in the database or validating the data received from the API.

Scalability problem

As projects grow, the absence of a common architecture can hinder scalability. Without standardized patterns, scaling applications becomes intricate, leading to poor performance.


In conclusion, our exploration of challenges in medium to large-scale application development underscores the critical need for standardized architecture.

In the next post, I will introduce NestJS. This framework can help you address the issues mentioned earlier: NestJS, a robust NodeJS framework, proves instrumental in addressing issues such as maintenance complexities, weak structures, and scalability hurdles.

Happy reading!