Further insights into who I am and the purpose of this blog.


Do Trong Khanh

Fullstack Engineer
YouNet Media - YouNet Group

Hello, folks! I'm Trong Khanh (aka Karhdo)

I have a passion for JavaScript/Typescript and website development. I'm currently a fullstack developer at YouNet Media, deeply engaged in the EcomHeat project, which entails market share management, competitor research, and fostering e-commerce growth. I work mainly with Javascript, Typescript, React, NodeJS, NestJS, and NextJS.

Why have this blog?

My desire to practice my skills and share my acquired knowledge fuels my endeavors.

I founded this blog as a means to document and share the knowledge and practical wisdom I've acquired during my journey as a software engineer.

Writing and taking notes helps me solidify my understanding of new concepts and technologies. I hope my blog can be a useful resource for fellow web developers.

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and comments on what I have written .

Tech stack

This blog is built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS using Tailwind Nextjs Starter Blog.

This blog site takes inspiration from leohuynh.dev. I appreciate Leo Huynh and Timothy Lin for their contribution to this minimal, lightweight, and highly customizable blog starter.

A few major over-engineering-changes from the original repo:

  • Upgrading to React 18, Next 13.

  • Adopting Typescript, committing with Conventional Commits.

  • Monitoring site with Umami website analytics

  • Theming in dark mode with Tokyonight Neovim Theme colors for better contrast.

  • My website refers to the design and code from the lehuynh.dev repository and incorporates the tailwind-nextjs-starter-blog template, version 1.0.

  • Bumping up mdx-bundler, rehype/remark plugins and dependencies to the latest version

See my repository for this blog.